Mark design

Founder/Managing Director of XCart

Chief designer of QTUM/NEO (the earliest public chain in China)

Senior designer at Metersbonwe

Global digital asset value explorer

Virtual and real symbiosis digital commodity practitioners

Creator economic evangelist

About US

The world's first Web3-native fashion brand, guided by Crypto as its spiritual totem. We focus on the paradigm shift in Web3 lifestyle aesthetics, with our community comprising numerous Bitcoin OGs and crypto artists. Our team is dedicated to bridging the gap between Crypto and the traditional world, exploring blockchain's practical applications in real business environments. Creating a fresh culture of 'Crypto in Real Life' worldwide.


Leather: Cowhide + Cloth
Sole: Rubber Sole
Shoelaces: Cotton strap or colorful chemical fiber shoelaces
Insole: Pu Foam + Cowhide
Craft: Printed or Hand-painted

Creation Time: 2023//6
Release Method: Limited Release