BTC X BAYC Sneaker

About XCart

The world's first Web3 native trend brand with "Crypto" as the spiritual totem, focusing on the "web3 life aesthetic paradigm revolution", the community has gathered many Bitcoin track OG and crypto artists in the Web3 industry.

About Super RA

Super RA is a leading Web3 IP incubation and operations company, dedicated to bridging Web3 IP with Web2 brands, so that more people can understand and fall in love with Web3 culture.


BTC opened the gateway to the era of cryptocurrencies, and BAYC led the wave of NFTs, introducing Web3 to many. The combination of BTC and BAYC is the most effective way to promote Web3 culture.

Number of whitelist2100

This IRO is issued on Layer 2 Arbitrum One, please confirm that your wallet is connected to the Arbitrum network to ensure the successful purchase qualification.

How to obtain it?

  1. Join the waitlist.
  2. Mint Sneaker NFT.
  3. Convert the Sneaker NFT into a physical sneaker.
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