Initial RWA Offering FreeMint Event

Congratulations on being one of the first X-one supporters, and in return for early support spread, whitelisted addresses have been added "highest Priority Mint Qualification". Please pay attention to the public official's announcement at the first time to ensure that you enjoy the priority.

X-one White List Mint

This IRO is issued on Layer 2 Arbitrum One, please confirm that your wallet is connected to the Arbitrum network to ensure the successful purchase qualification.

Mint Amount


1. When the XCart trendy clothing is finished, we will announce it on social media and notify all NFT holders that you need to pay $80 for physical delivery within the specified time. Non-Freemint users cannot enjoy the benefit experience of $80, and the market value is expected to start at $200.

2. For Freemint participants, they all have the opportunity to get 1000 points on the XCart platform. When our ecological construction is booming, we can get a certain airdrop opportunity based on the number of points.

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